**********RECYCLE NEWS FLASH**********




**********Our Glass Recycling Bin has arrived!‚Äč**********

We have partnered with Prism Glass Recycling as a drop off location. Glass can be brought to the Gravel Pit across from the municipal building next to the big rock dedicated to Frank Fenton. You DO NOT need to be a resident of North East to use this service!

Please be aware of what can and cannot be recycled!
Glass Recycle Information

Thank You!
Township Supervisors




All types of plastic bags can NO LONGER be used to dispose of extra/overflowing recyclables.
If items are left in bags curbside they will not be picked up -this rule is from 
Waste Management!

Here are a few suggestions to alleviate the overflow issue:

* use one of the other colored bins for your plastic, but DO NOT co- mingle items
* you can use a light weight plastic garbage can for PLASTIC only
(keeping in mind the driver must lift this container)
* you can use a spare tote from your home that you may have lying around 

Thank you for your cooperation!


You can now recycle cartons - they will go in with your PLASTICS

examples: Silk, half & half, broth, & juice cartons, 
the ones that have a plastic/waxy like coating on them


Recycling Information

Recycling occurs every other week unless noted (* indicates Holiday) on the calendar.  Please check for your day on the color coded calendar and have your containers out by 7 a.m. that morning.


We now have single stream recycling.  Recyclables can be put out together for pickup.


If you do not have a recycle calendar (available on website) you can stop at the Township building at the administrative office.


What we recycle: (as of 2019)

Plastics-- Screw on lids YES / Snap on lids NO (no Styrofoam)

Aluminum & Steel Cans



Corrugated cardboard may be dropped at the Township building in a dumpster provided by Pro Waste marked clearly "Cardboard Only". The dumpsters are located on the east side of property.


Leaves, Brush and Branches:
Yard waste may be brought to the Park Lane Pit to be made into mulch.  We accept leaves (loose, no bags), small yard branches and brush.

Will be available on  TBD starting  7:30 A.M. to 3 P.M.  
Call the Township administration office at 725-8606 for more information.


Clean Up Days: 

This year 2022 our annual clean up days are
Friday April 29th, 2022  from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM
 (gate closes promptly at 6:00) NO EXCEPTIONS
Saturday April 30th, 2022 from 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM (gate closes promptly at 2:00) NO EXCEPTIONS

Refrigerant items will be $10 for all items
A donation of $4 for auto/light truck tires - $5 if on rim
E-Cycle items will be accepted free of charge with the exception of all TV's & Monitors  - they will be $10 each.
AUTO Batteries will be accepted

For more details call the Township administration office 725-8606.